Bad Food For Your Teeth

bad food for teeth

Our teeth do a lot of important things for us, like keep us alive by helping us chew our food. Pretty important, right?

So it’s a good idea to do what we can to take care of them.

We know that brushing our teeth and flossing are essential components of oral health. But we can do more to keep our teeth in good shape, and that includes watching the foods we eat.

Eating certain foods, especially in excess, can do a lot of damage to our teeth. So here is a list of foods and drinks that are best to avoid.

Dried Fruit

Even though these foods are fruit, the dehydrated nature of them means that they are sticky. And sticky foods stay in the crevasses of the teeth and can cause decay. Plus many dehydrated fruits have sugar and unhealthy oils added, which can damage teeth. Instead of dried fruits, eat whole, fresh fruits.


You might think that since ice is made of water, ice is a great way to hydrate your body. That may be the case, but ice can easily damage your teeth because it is common to aggressively chew it once it gets in our mouths. Instead of ice, drink plain water.


Lemon and lime can brighten up any dull dish, and a squeeze of lemon in water is refreshing any time of day. But high levels of citrus can break down enamel, leaving our teeth vulnerable to decay. Citrus can also aggravate any sores in the mouth, causing pain and making it harder for them to heal. Instead, ditch the citrus and drink your water without.

Coffee and Tea

Studies have shown that warm drinks can have health benefits when consumed in moderation, and they are two of the most consumed beverages of the planet, so it’s hard to say this… but coffee and tea are not great for the teeth. The reason is twofold: consumers often add sugar to their morning cup, and both drinks can stain the teeth. Instead, drink herbal tea and refrain from adding sweetener if you are going to have a cup of caffeine.

Sodas and Sports Drink

Some of the worst offenders out there are sodas and sports drinks because of the very high sugar content. Despite clever marketing, these drinks are terrible for the teeth. Fizzy beverages are highly acidic and break down the protective coating on the teeth and sports drinks are excellent at causing decay. It is hard to repair the damage once it is done. Instead, plain ol’ water wins again.


Drinking alcoholic beverages causes the body and mouth to become dehydrated. Overconsumption of alcohol can cause a reduction in the flow of saliva, which can lead to tooth decay and can accelerate infections like gum disease. Red wine is also especially good at staining teeth, and heavy alcohol use can increase a person’s risk of mouth cancer. Instead, reduce intake to special occasions and enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails when available.

So are there any foods that are good for the teeth?! Yes – just stick to the basics. Fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in calcium (like leafy greens and broccoli), whole grains and plain beverages like water. If this sounds boring, don’t worry, it won’t take long for your taste buds to adjust.

Remember to do what you can for your teeth – they do an awful lot for you!