Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning

exam1Preventative dentistry is vital to an oral hygiene program. A lifetime of check-ups will make sure your smile is not only healthy but will allow you the confidence to express yourself to best way you can. A dental exam by one of our Dentists in White Rock and teeth cleaning by one of our caring and experienced Hygienists in White Rock will help you achieve this. Any area of concern will be explained so you may make an informed decision to maintain your ongoing care.

A Dental Exam Will Determine the Kind of Dental Care You Require

Dr. Effie Gregoriou and Dr. Yasamin Shirazi philosophy will always have your best interest at heart when doing a dental examination. You probably will be like most of our patients, and have an excellent outcome with no further care required.

Teeth Cleaning Is Necessary in Order To Have the Best Dental Health

One of our Registered Dental Hygienist will perform scaling and polishing prior to your dental exam. This is recommending every 6 months and in some cases every 4 months. If you have tartar, it can only be properly removed with appropriate dental instruments.
Removing plaque is usually invisible to see which can cause inflammation that will affect your general health. Without proper professional dental cleanings, it will ultimately become a periodontal situation.

For More Information About Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning Here in White Rock Please Contact Us

Give us a call at 604-536-6711 if you and your family would like to arrange a thorough dental exam or teeth cleaning. If you have any questions about having a dental exam done or would like more information about teeth cleaning, we will be happy to assist you.

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