At Semiahmoo Dental Centre we have a team of professional Denturists on site. We have years of experience providing both Complete Dentures and Partial Dentures for many happy patients right in the comfort of our practice here in White Rock / South Surrey. Cases where many teeth have been lost, removable appliances (dentures) can be used.

We Provide Partial and Complete Dentures, Depending on Your Needs

A Partial Denture is a good option for some missing teeth. Like a retainer that clicks into the upper or lower palette, partial dentures can be removed and cleaned easily. This is lower cost solution to permanent dental implants and is used for many patients that have healthy natural teeth in place.

A Complete Denture are used for a full set of teeth. It is recommended that implants be used to support these appliances and make them more functional and comfortable. The addition of a small number of implants can almost transform a patient’s life by stabilizing an appliance which has too much movement.


Even though removable appliances are somewhat more cumbersome, they can rescue an unpleasant situation and restore both function and appearance. Here is an example of a patient who was in serious trouble and now can not only eat correctly but have a very attractive smile. The before photo was the best smile which could be attained due to tissue loss and derangement. After appliance insertion, even the facial muscles involved with smiling were able to return to normal function. We took several pre-op photos to try to get a natural smile, but before treatment, this was the best he could do. As you could imagine, this changed his life.

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If you would like to set up a consultation with one of our Denturists, please contact us today at 604-536-6711. The Denturists professionals at Semiahmoo Dental will provide all the information you require to make an informed decision. They will also make sure you understand all proper care that is needed so your dentures will last a lifetime.

We are located in White Rock / South Surrey, and we would be happy to have you as our patient.

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