sealantMost tooth decay in children’s teeth occurs in the pits and grooves found on the chewing surfaces of their teeth. We recommend using sealants on their back teeth to protect from decay. Sealants are proven to prevent decay where plaque can stick to the tooth.

A dental sealant is a material that coats the tooth. The sealant bonds into the pits and grooves and acts like a barrier to prevent cavities. They are not used on teeth that already have fillings. We recommend sealants to be used as part of your child’s preventative dental care.

A sealant application is simple and painless to the patient. The tooth is cleaned and treated with a solution that allows the sealant to stick to the tooth. It is a painted on liquid which quickly hardens to form a shield over the tooth. They hold up under normal chewing and will last several years before another application is needed. Our dentists will check the sealant during your child’s regular dental visits.

Dental Sealants Do Not Replace Fluoride, but they Help

Fluoride, such as those used in community water, toothpaste, gels, varnish, and mouthwash, also help to prevent decay. Fluoride works best on smooth surfaces of teeth. The back teeth have tiny grooves where decay often begins. Sealants keep cavity-causing bacteria out of the grooves by covering them with a safe plastic coating. Dental sealants and fluorides work together to prevent tooth decay.

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