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Why Pediatric Dentistry is important?

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals specifically with children from infancy through to the teenage years. It is an important branch of medicine because oral health that begins at a young age can have lifelong benefits.

It has been shown that children are experiencing more cavities at a younger age than ever before. In addition, there are other modern habits that can affect the healthy development of teeth, jaws, and gums. This might include thumb sucking, extended use of a pacifier, tooth grinding, and diets high in sugar. As such, young people are requiring dental care from an early age, in addition to the preventative benefits that come with pediatric dentistry.

Pediatric dentists are more than dentists who also serve young patients. They have extensive additional training (up to two years of formal training) that focuses on the development of children’s oral health. They are also trained on and have skills in how to create a comfortable and welcoming environment specifically designed to welcome young people, as well as how to help educate children and their parents on early childhood oral health.

Taken together, pediatric dentistry focuses on both prevention and immediate care, both of which are required for oral health. By creating a relationship and record with young patients, chances for long-term oral health are increased.

Our Pediatric Dentistry Service:

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Paediatric Dentist is checking child's teeth after his first teeth erupt

What Are The Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry?

Bringing a child in for pediatric dentistry at an early age has many benefits.

1. The dentist can create a positive relationship between the child and proper oral care, as well as positive experiences with visits to the dentist’s office, from a young age. This way, the behaviour and experiences are normalized and becomes routine throughout the child’s life. This will help ensure that oral health is seen as a priority and not a burden as the child gets older and eventually becomes an adult.

2. In terms of dental hygiene and maintenance, the dentist will check for cavities and signs of tooth and gum decay. They will also be able to monitor for any other problems that might be showing early signs so that they don’t become major issues as the child ages.

3. The pediatric dentist and their team will also administer a thorough cleaning which will include deep plaque removal. They will also demonstrate proper cleaning brushing and flossing techniques to both the child and the parents so that these habits can be learned and done at home.

Child is showing the white teeth with Pediatric Dentistcute girl is high five with her south surrey Child is showing the white teeth with Pediatric Dentist

This is especially important to start from a young age because parents will need to assist their children until they are old enough to brush their teeth themselves. Building this relationship with oral health and making it a fun activity rather than a chore can have long-lasting benefits for the children.

In some cases, dentists will have to perform procedures on children, and a pediatric dentist will be thoroughly trained on how to do this. Some people wonder whether or not repairing cavities in baby teeth is worth the effort, since they are destined to fall out anyway. But there are several reasons why it is very important to fill cavities in baby teeth, including that it will help relieve pain, create and/or keep a healthy pathway for the adult tooth to grow in, and prevent infection from occurring and spreading. It may also help the child to develop normal speech and proper chewing habits.

How Do You Provide Proper Home Care to Your Child?

Building healthy habits early on in a child’s life will have long-lasting benefits. While we can’t always predict exactly when and how teeth will come in, early oral health habits can help ensure healthier teeth and gums in the long term.

Helping provide oral home care to children is simple and effective. First, it is important to attend dental appointments with children both so that they feel safe and comfortable, and so that you can learn with your child. The pediatric dentist will have some advice on how to properly brush and floss a young person’s teeth, which will be helpful if the child has questions.

Parents can also try and make tooth brushing time fun by setting a singing timer to two minutes and giving rewards for not missing a night of brushing. Building these habits will make oral care second nature for the child.

If you have more questions about pediatric dentistry, please contact us. We will happily book an appointment for your child and you.

Pediatric Dentistry in South Surrey

Teach Children how to Brush Teeth Properly

We understand the fears or apprehensions that come along with dental visits for children, our caring dental team will ensure Pediatric dentistry are comfortable and well looked after. Our caring hygienists have a special way to instruct children on the proper technique of brushing, flossing and using fluoride properly. We will make your child’s dental experience to be positive in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

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