White Fillings

white-fillingsA while filling (composite filling) is a desired option for most patients. They are made to match as closely to your existing teeth so they are more aesthetically suited, especially for the front teeth as they are more visible. There are other filling materials that can be used and we will offer our professional opinion as to what is best suited for your personal situation.

Some of the reasons you may have to have a white filling:

  • Decayed Teeth
  • Cracked or Broken Teeth
  • Chipped or Worn Tooth
  • Filling a large gap between two teeth

Should I Replace Metal Fillings With White?

Back in the day when cavities were filled with mercury fillings, they were the best solution for the time. However these fillings eventually can alter a tooth’s structure and cause decay. There has also been concern with the safety of the old traditional fillings. You may wish to have your mercury fillings replaced with white (composite) filling material. It is now the standard to have mercury-free fillings and Semiahmoo Dental Centre can provide this procedure easily. You will love your mercury-free mouth.

To Arrange an Appointment for Your White Fillings, Contact Us Today

All our patients that have gone on to replace their mercury fillings with white fillings have been very pleased and happy they did so. We would love to help you enjoy a mercury-free mouth. Call us at 604-536-6711 to talk more about the benefits of white fillings.

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